Our company is large enough to get the job done, small enough to care !


From its outset , GAP SA Grains & Produits, in addition to its successful commodity trading activities both domestically as well as within the EU countries quickly grew to become one of the main European companies importing durum/milling wheat and other products from North America into Northern Europe.


Encouraged by continuously improving results and with the intend to broaden the scope of its services, GAP SA Grains & Produits, opened a wholly-owned subsidiary in Canada in 2007 providing a conduit for sourcing and expediting Canadian products.


Subsequently, to further enhance and strengthen its ties from North America, a wholly-owned American subsidiary to originate US products for the supply on the Caribbean / South American / European zones was created in 2008.


Demonstrating continuous efforts to improve its services pannel, the company established GAP Belgium in 2009 to provide a major foothold for North European customers.


The long term development of GAP SA Grains & Produits is only driven by the search of a win-win human and commercial relationship between GAP and each of its partner.






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